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The purpose of the FRED resource file sharing system is to allow for the free exchange of information and ideas among MASA/MAISA/MSPRA members, including superintendents, school administrators, public relations/communications specialists, business affiliates, and others.

The files, comments and messages on FRED file system are posted for review/use by MASA, MAISA, and MSPRA members. All opinions, questions, comments, and information within this website and file sharing system belong solely to the creators and unless otherwise indicated are not endorsed by nor do they in any way reflect the policies or opinions of MASA, MAISA, or MSPRA. .

CAUTION: The information obtained from FRED does not replace consultation with legal or financial experts.

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Information contained in this file system is provided as a service to the community and is for informational purposes only. It is the policy of FRED (MSPRA, MASA, MAISA) to obtain permission for use of the text and files included in this website/resource archive. In the event an object has been included for which permission was not granted, it is unintentional and the object will be removed upon receipt of notice